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The Milling Machine

The Lathe


Course Contents

Section I

Getting Started

Chapter 1


What's it all about?

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Form & Visualization

Looking beneath the surface

Chapter 4

Always Learning

We never know it all

Chapter 5

Components & Function

Every feature has a purpose

Section II


Chapter 6


Setting the standard

Chapter 7

Decimal System

A language of precision

Chapter 8

Decimal Chart

A quick reference

Chapter 9

Drill Bits

You can never have enough

Section III

Tools for Measurement

Chapter 10

Tools for Measurement

All the basics

Chapter 11

Vernier Scale

Old world skills

Chapter 12


The grandfather of precision

Chapter 13

Digital Calipers

Moving into the 21'st century

Chapter 14

Special Tools

Measurement for every purpose

Chapter 15

Standards & Gauge Blocks

Reference "materials"

Chapter 16

Gauge Pins

Checking hole size

Chapter 17

Indicators 1st

Measuring motion

Chapter 18

Magnetic Bases

Holding it steady

Chapter 19

Indicators 2nd

Further understanding

Chapter 20

Fundamental Machines

Every machine shop has 'em

Section IV

The Lathe

Chapter 21

The Lathe

The process of "turning"

Chapter 22

Center Height

Right where it cuts best

Chapter 23

Feeds & Speeds

Knowing what works

Chapter 24

Lathe Functions

The knobs may change but...

Chapter 25

Movement & Position

Know where you are

Chapter 26

Manual Machines

A bit of history

Chapter 27

Work Holding on The Lathe

Spinning material

Chapter 28

Safety & Power Switch

Pay attention !!!

Chapter 29

Make a Part

Put the skills to use

Chapter 30

Cutting Tools

All the right edges

Section V

The Milling Machine

Chapter 31

The Milling Machine

Now we'll rotate the cutter

Chapter 32

Tool Holding on The Mill

Getting a grip

Chapter 33

Tramming The Mill

Multiple axis alignment

Chapter 34

Work Holding on The Mill

Getting a grip

Chapter 35

Indicating a Vice On The Mill

Setting things straight

Chapter 36

Milling Cutters

A tool for every purpose

Chapter 37

Fly Cutting & Squaring a Block On The Mill

Defining the essentials

Chapter 38

Locating & Position On The Mill

Where you're at & where you're going

Chapter 39

Mill a Pocket

The inside information

Chapter 40

Drilling & Tapping On The Mill

The nuts and bolts of threading

Chapter 41


In a perfect world?

Chapter 42

Boring On The Mill

Creating the cylinder

Chapter 43

Rotary Milling

More ways to use a mill

Chapter 44

The Surface Grinder

Precision grinding

Chapter 45

The Band Saw

Serious material removal

Chapter 46

Closing & Credits

About the Course

What do you think of when you hear the word "Secrets" ? I think of someone deliberately withholding information. I still question why this was the case, but in all of my experience in more than 15 different machine shops and manufacturing environments over the past 45 years, this was a very prevalent behavior.

I also think of the word "Security" and in most cases I do believe these guys were only protecting their jobs, their knowledge was their most valuable asset.

As I progressed in my gaining and gleaning of knowledge, I felt compelled to share everything that I was learning with the new guys, the beginners, the Apprentices. We didn't actually call them apprentices but that's what they were, and I was one of them. Somewhere back in the 50's/60's we got away from apprenticeship programs, from mentoring our youth, from properly training our future. And there is no question, the incredible talent that we produced through the war effort/era were all fading away and eventually - dying. I can't even imagine how much knowledge was lost...

I'm not sure why we got away from manufacturing in the classroom or "Shop Class" but clearly, we need to get it back, more importantly, we need reliable sources of information. Dedicating a classroom, obtaining the proper equipment and creating a curriculum will not achieve anything without knowledgeable instructors.

My father taught me to rebuild a lawnmower engine when I was still in elementary school, before I knew the difference between a verb and a noun, I was a certified welder before I had a driver's license. To add to that, the older I get the more I realize how much I don't know, but what an incredible time to live, we only have to pick up our phone or latest electronic device and we have access to all of the worlds libraries, just think about it!

I've always felt that the term "Industrial Art" is a very fitting term, since the beginning of time, man has been gifted with productive creativity, and there's no question when we gather with others of similar interests and share ideas, creativity is prevalent.

Now I'd be lying if I said I fully understood it, but I do strongly believe in an individual purpose, and I believe a big part of my purpose is to share this information or these Machine Shop "Secrets" in the best way that I can, and I hope this is a good start.  

Secrets? Maybe a better word would be Substance or maybe Essence, either way my intention is to let the Secrets out...

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Meet Marshall

Meet Your Instructor

Marshall Burr

Marshall has been involved in and around machine shops since becoming a certified welder at age 16. He has become an accomplished craftsman in Aviation, Aerospace, Mold-making, Research Science and Product Design.

"When I started out, I didn't have a plan. I soon learned that the more you knew and the more skills you possessed, the more money you could make. Looking back, it isn't the money that's worth striving for; it's the knowledge and skill level. After 25 years, I truly feel an obligation to share my experiences with the hope that those who care to learn will get a head start and be able to take their skills to a much higher level. "